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Buy Local

There are some tried and true benefits to buying local.  When you shop in Tennessee for quality, one-of-kind, handmade work from our artists you support their work and your area.

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Supporting local artists:

  • ensures artists are paid fairly for their work
  • informs makers which pieces the public in their area respond to, allowing them to create more items you love
  • creates jobs for artists and retailers
  • contributes to a stronger tax base in your community
  • allows more funding to become available to support Tennessee Craft and the arts in our state
  • offers shoppers more variety
  • improves the environment from the gas saved by visiting nearby retailers and
  • preserves Tennessee Craft for future generations

Show your support for the arts by picking up work from a Tennessee Craft artist at a store near you!

Are you a Tennessee Craft artist with a sales location you would like to add to the map? Contact us and we’ll make sure your venue is added.

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