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2018 Tennessee Craft is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to continue and create Tennessee’s fine craft tradition since 1965. With the help of our talented members, supportive donors, committed sponsors, and selfless volunteers we continually work to connect artists with the resources they need to grow in their careers – presenting the public with extraordinary, one-of-a-kind works.

Help us achieve our mission with a donation to fund critical programs and scholarships for artists. With your support we will work to ensure Tennessee makers and their handmade work are appreciated and celebrated for years to come.

All donations are processed through PayPal. (Note: You do not have to have an account to give through their site)

Make a Special Contribution to our Fair Awards

Join us in recognizing the skilled work of talented artists and helping build their résumés by donating to our Awards Fund.

100% of these specially designated gifts provide direct support to artists. These gifts will be compiled and distributed in the form of Merit and Best of Show awards (ranging from $150 – $500) at our upcoming Craft Fair. The more money we raise provides more awards for exhibitors of our Tennessee Craft Fair.

All donations are processed through PayPal. (Note: You do not have to have an account to give through their site)

Feel Confident in Your Contribution

Please click on the link below to view our profile to see how our donor dollars are put to use and understand the needs of our creative community. Our profile includes detailed information on our organization’s history, programs, governance, and finance.

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Thank you to those who have contributed from July 1 to January 31, 2019, as well as donors to our 2018-19 Annual Giving Campaign.

Champion Circle ($10,000 or greater)

Metro Nashville Arts Commission
Tennessee Arts Commission
Windgate Foundation

Collector Circle ($5,000 or greater)

Pat Moody

Patron Circle ($1,000 or greater)

Dana Blickwedel
Fred & Kathryn Dettwiller
Richard & Janice Dwyer
Brad & Maggie Fansher
Dr. Howard S. & Carol Kirshner
Jane Ann & Chan McCullough, in honor of Teri Alea
Craig & Linda Nutt
Alice Smith

Awards ($500 or greater)

The Honorable Phil Bredesen & Ms. Andrea Conte
Pamela Casey
Mary L. Meadows

Scholarship ($250 or greater)

Teri & Jose Alea, in memory of Anderson Bailey
Ginna Foster Cannon, in honor of Susan & Ed Friedman, Ida Santana, Teri Alea
Cathy Leser & John Manning
Carl George
Talbott & John Grimm, The Copper Fox Gallery
Danielle McDaniel
Tennessee Association of Woodturners
Tennessee Craft—South
Tennessee Craft—Southeast, in memory of Anderson Bailey
Frederick & Kim Waag
Kimberly Winkle

Support ($100 or greater)

Charles Akers
Elizabeth Barnett
Sandy Blain
Gretchen Borders
Jeanne Brady
Georgina & Charles Businaro
Barbara & Eric Chazen
Charles W. Cook, Jr.
David & Leslie Cuicchi
Natalie Cuicchi
Nick DeFord
Reneau & Elisabeth Dubberley
Mrs. Laurie & Dr. Steven Eskind
Rosemarie Fair, in honor of Pat Moody
Mary Grissim
Tim Hintz
Scott Hodes
Barbara Keldie
Arlene Knaak
Michele Lambert
Harry (Wis) Laughlin
Simon Levy & JoEl Logiudice
Henry Mangrum
Alice Merritt, in honor of Teri Alea
Charles Nelson
Jill Robinson
Bob Sadler
Mandy Snedeker, in honor of Julia Wilburn
Thomas & Catherine Snyder
Agnes Gordon Stark
Tom Turk
Vickie Vipperman
Nancy Wallace
Karen & William Wheeler, in honor of Doug Lawrence
Gwen & Milton Whitson

Special Thanks

Jessie Bailey, in memory of Anderson Bailey
Sally Bebawy
Roberta Bell
Bonnie & Josh Bogen
Debra Brewington
Katherine Carroll
Teresa Certo, in memory of Joe Certo
Jenny Charles
Sara Cohan
Nancy DiNunzio Dickson
Gina Dommer
Sarah Dubler
Freddi & Joel Felt, in honor of Pat Moody
Roger & Amanda Flannery
Eleanor Garber, in honor of Doug Lawrence
Judi Gaston
Matthew & Debra Gould
Cole & Jenny Gustafson, in honor of Julia Wilburn
Jessica Hagar
Pam Hall
Jan Havens
Elizabeth Kerr Hay
Barbara & T.O. Helton
Georjean Hertzwig
Martha & Bruce Hieronymus, in memory of Clara Hieronymus
Sherri Warner Hunter, in honor of Alice Merritt
Eve Hutcherson
Jane Jerry
David Keel, in honor of Kimberly Winkle
Morganne & Cameron Keel
Cindy Kershner
Jessica Klaaren
Frederick K Koehn
Doug Lawrence
Susan Lane
Martha Lewis
Maryl Linn, in memory of Joanne L. Linn
Lynn Maddox
Marion Meadows
Elizabeth Merritt, in honor of Alice Merritt
David Paine
Bets Ramsey
Anne Rob
Adele Seitzinger
Alf & Kathy Sharp
Brenda Stein, in memory of Charles Alvis
Frank Tift
Lindsay Walker
Jonathan & Julia Wilburn, in honor of Malone Wilburn
Colleen Williams
Ridley & Betsy Wills, in honor of Mark & Ginna Foster Cannon
Cara Young
Halee & Cheryl Young
Mike Zinser

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