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College Bridge

College Bridge

The Tennessee Craft Bridge Scholarship takes college students “from learning a craft to earning a living.”

This scholarship is a rare opportunity to experience a career in craft making, while connecting with a network of professional craft artist mentors. Up to four (4) awarded students will have the chance to show and sell work in a group exhibit at the 36th Annual Tennessee Craft Craft Fair scheduled for September 26, 27, & 28, 2014 in Nashville’s Centennial Park.

Through this opportunity, students have a direct pathway from the classroom to the marketplace. At the 2014 Tennessee Craft Fall Craft Fair, participants will gain first-hand experience setting up a booth, determining inventory, packing and moving their craft, booth display, setting prices, marketing, interacting with customers/the public and selling their work.

Local Tennessee Craft Chapter members will assist and support the students from the time they receive the award until the time they tear-down and pack up their booth to return home.


The Tennessee Craft Bridge Scholarship

  • Recognizes emerging talent
  • Builds students’ resumes and confidence
  • Awards cash to students to defray costs of traveling to and exhibiting in the 2014 Tennessee Craft Fall Craft Fair
  • Provides opportunity to be mentored by experienced, successful craft artists
  • Allows students to sell in high-end commercial environment – bridging the gap between the classroom and the marketplace
  • Inspires the next generation of artists
  • Invigorates Tennessee’s Craft community

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