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50 Years of Craft

50 Years of Craft

Do you have a craft story?

50 Years of Craft was created as a place where people come and share their stories and experiences with craft. In honor of our 50th Anniversary, we’ll weave together a history of Tennessee Craft (formerly known as TACA – the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists). Our hope is that 50 Years of Craft will help build community, encourage positive connections and honor craft tradition in a new way.

Anyone can join in! Your story doesn’t have to be about Tennessee Craft, but most of the questions will be craft-centered.

*One Note*
You may chose to post either as a guest, or to create a profile. If you post as a guest, all of your stories will have to be approved by a moderator (no robots allowed) and they will not be associated with your name. If you create a profile, after you’re approved the first time, you’ll be able to post freely and your name will be associated with your stories.  We do ask that you please keep posts friendly and positive – the point is not to tear anyone down but to build everyone up.

Let’s start sharing!

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Submitted Stories

This is a collection of some of the most recent stories

Starting Young

Sometimes the best reactions to craft are from children experiencing something new for the first time!


Watering the Mushrooms

Many times over the years Josie, who made the concrete mushrooms and angles was under the big tree between 13 &14. We were first next to her some 40 years ago, she was about 40 and we were in our 20’s. She always wore a London Fog rain coat and Wellington boots and had a […]


Who loves Ashley Buchanan

I have so many! One is Ashley Buchanan, a new-ish artist (to Tennessee Craft) selling sillouette jewelry, handcut metal powder-coated in bright yellow, black or white or just in brass. It’s attractive and funny, as she references pearls and pocket-watches and other real jewelry, but her jewelry is simple stuff. I was waiting to find […]


The Nature of Wire

When I think of my favorite new (to me) artist, one person clearly comes to mind. (He’s probably been coming for years, but I first saw his work only 2 fairs ago, so I’m counting it)! I don’t know his name, but he is always somewheres on the right side of the fair, if you […]


We love this picture of Sylvia Hyman

Does anyone have a guess of what year it is?


Mid 70s Spring Fair – Help us name these artists

We heard from Pat Beaver that this photo was taken at the 3rd or 4th Spring Fair in the 70’s. Pat was Fair Director that year and they had stockpiled straw in anticipation of heavy rain. Luckily it didn’t rain so they had a nice sitting area! Please help us add to the names of […]


I LOVED this postcard design

I think it was from the Spring Fair of 1989. Something about it always appealed to me and drew me into the Fair. I love the colors and how fun it is.


First Experience as a Booth Sitter

A long time ago, in the Spring of 2014, I was recruited by the great Sallie Mayne to be a booth sitter for the Tennessee Craft Fair. I had never visited the fair before, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. And boy was I in for a treat! When I got there, I […]


Remember when the tents were striped?


Roy Overcast introduced me to TACA

I came to Nashville in the late 1970’s to work for the Tennessee Arts Commission. There I worked with Master Craftsman Roy Overcast who was the Director of Crafts. It was with Roy that I attended my first Tennessee Craft Fair. I was the director of Community Arts and Kathy Tate was the director of […]


Recent Comments

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