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We work to continue and create Tennessee’s fine craft tradition by
connecting emerging and experienced makers and the public
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on our state’s handmade legacy.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Tennessee Craft is a network of craft artists and the craft art communities dedicated to uplifting the past and present of handmade craft, and securing the future of craft to be equitable and vibrantly diverse. Tennessee Craft acknowledges that we are on the traditional homeland and territories of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Muscogee (Creek), Shawnee, and Yuchi People, the first craft artists of this region. We also acknowledge the legacy of slavery in Tennessee and respectfully recognize and remember enslaved Africans of this region. We envision a present and future where the freedom, justice, success, and health of craft artists in Tennessee are not pre-determined by race or ethnicity. We envision a Tennessee where all craft artists have the access, opportunity, and tools to share and amplify their stories, cultures, and experiences. We are committed to equity for all craft artists, no matter one’s race, ethnicity, age, ability, sexuality, gender identity, religion, citizenship, socioeconomic status, geographic origin, language, or appearance. We at Tennessee Craft see the role of craft art in modern society beyond the bounds of marketplace metrics and debates of fine art “worthiness.” We see craft art as the long historical practice of making and honing the creation of handmade goods foundational to the creative expression of every culture and community.

Tennessee Craft published a statement in support of Black Lives Matter on this homepage in September 2020. The Governing Board adopted the statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on June 12, 2021. Visit our Community Engagement page for more information, updates, or to join our work together toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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