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Buy Local

There are some tried and true benefits to buying local.  When you shop in Tennessee for quality, one-of-kind, handmade work from our artists you support their work and your area.

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Supporting local artists:

  • ensures artists are paid fairly for their work and talent
  • informs makers which pieces the public in their area respond to, allowing them to create more items you love
  • creates jobs for artists and retailers
  • contributes to a stronger tax base in your community
  • allows more funding to become available to support Tennessee Craft and the arts in our state
  • offers shoppers more variety
  • improves the environment from the gas saved by visiting nearby retailers and
  • preserves Tennessee Craft for future generations

Show your support for the arts by picking up work from a Tennessee Craft artist at a store near you!

Are you a Tennessee Craft artist with a sales location you would like to add to the map? Email us or visit our Contact page for more ways to reach us, and we’ll make sure your venue is added.

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