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Emerging Makers Tent

Emerging Makers Tent

Submissions for the Emerging Makers Tent for the

2018 Fall Craft Fair are OPEN! 

CLICK HERE to view and complete the Emerging Maker Application. Deadline is August 12.

CLICK HERE to view and complete the Mentor Application.

The Emerging Makers Tent occurs every Tennessee Craft fair as an exclusive opportunity for member artists interested in taking their craft business to the next level. In the Emerging Makers Tent, groups of artists from each chapter work together in a supportive environment to gain practical experience selling their artwork. This experience is designed to help emerging makers take the next step toward exhibiting as independent artists on the main tent circle at Tennessee Craft fairs.

Emerging makers may be artists of any age or background who are:

  • beginning their craft career,
  • working in a new medium, or
  • exhibiting at a Tennessee Craft Fair for the first time.

Before applying:


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