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Virtual Demonstrations



You’re invited to visit our Virtual Demonstration Tent

to see art in action!

Thanks to the generosity of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and Publix Super Markets Charities, we are able to offer virtual demonstrations from member artists across the state. Watch the videos below to learn about metalsmithing techniques in jewelry making; creating leather belts, stained glass, and pottery; observe traditional blacksmithing techniques; and see a dramatic raku firing at night!

Julie Boisseau-Craig, Glass/Lampwork

Watch Julie Boisseau-Craig (Tennessee Craft – East), a glass artist from Rockford, TN, demonstrate manipulating glass in fire using a technique called lampwork.

Brie Flora, Metalsmithing/Jewelry

Follow Brie Flora (Tennessee Craft – Plateau), a metalsmith and jewelry artist from Cookeville, TN, as she demonstrates her process of sawing out, soldering, cleaning up, and powder coating a pair of her signature Fern Hoop earrings.

Mike Fowler, Clay

Watch Gatlinburg clay artist Mike Fowler demonstrate clay wheel throwing and an inside view of the kiln!

Lester Jones, Raku Firing

Lester Jones (Tennessee Craft – Southwest), a clay artist from Memphis, TN, demonstrates his process, from sketching his ideas to wheel thrown pottery to handbuilding some elements and finally to two different raku firings – one at night and one during the day.

Jon Ladd, Leather

See Jon Ladd (Tennessee Craft – Plateau), a leather artist from Cookeville, TN, demonstrate crafting a leather belt, including a brief discussion of leather hides, the tanning process, and a look at various hide cuts and how each cut is selected for leather crafting.

Anthony Martin, Blacksmithing

Watch Anthony Martin (Tennessee Craft – Midstate), a blacksmith from Fairview, TN, give a brief overview of the history of blacksmithing and the importance of the craft during the late 1600s and into the 1700s, and demonstrate the process of making a nail.

Tammy O’Connor, Stained Glass

Follow Tammy O’Connor (Tennessee Craft – South), a stained glass artist from Tullahoma, TN, as she highlights several projects that employ various techniques such as glass selection, pattern making, cutting, building, fusing and painting, culminating in the installation of a signature project in a client’s home.

Tennessee Association of Woodturners

The Tennessee Association of Woodturners shares information on their organization and demonstrates various types of woodturning.

Betty Turner, Glass

Betty Turner, a glass artist from Old Hickory, TN, and owner of This Little Light Glass Studio, teaches a student how to pull glass cane from a Vitrigraph Kiln.

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