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License Plate Program

License Plate Program

On average, 80% of arts grants in Tennessee are funded by the purchase of state specialty license plates, and, last year alone, 982 grants were given across all 95 counties. By purchasing an Arts Plate, you support arts organizations, schools, and communities across our state!

In 1998, the Tennessee General Assembly enacted legislation which provided that the income from the sales of all Specialty License Plates created after that point would be divided between the Arts Commission, the Highway Fund, and the Sponsoring Non-Profit Organization featured on the plate. This created a special category of license plates known in the law as the “New Specialty Plates.” The 1998 law also included a formula for how revenue from the sale of a “New Specialty Plate” should be distributed. This is where the 50/40/10 breakdown comes into play. If the tag purchased is an Arts Plate, the Tennessee Arts Commission receives 90% of the income from that plate. With the average Specialty Plate costing $35, that money adds up!

CLICK HERE for more information on purchasing a specialty plate to show your support for the arts in Tennessee!

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