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Stay connected throughout 2021. Form meaningful relationships with artists in your area and around the state and be a part of a respected professional organization. Hone your skills through scholarships, apprenticeships, mentorships and more. Find practical business guidance and professional development opportunities, then exhibit and promote your work. Wherever you are in your artistic journey, Tennessee Craft has something for you.

Tennessee Craft creates environments for life-changing connections to spark and grow, fostering supportive artist-to-artist relationships, creating pathways between artists and their customers, and building maker communities across the state.

That’s why we’ve been Tennessee’s largest, most visible and most respected craft artist organization since 1965.

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Choose your membership level below to submit your information, then you will be directed to make your payment on our Complete Your Membership page. Online payments are made through PayPal, although you do not need to have a PayPal account. You may also print out the paper membership application and send along with a check to our office at:

Tennessee Craft, ATTN: Membership
P.O. Box 120066
Nashville, TN 37212

Please Note:

  • Membership is based on a calendar year (January-December).Those joining January 1-October 31 will receive benefits for the current calendar year. Those joining November 1-December 31 will receive benefits for the following calendar year.
  • You don’t have to live in Tennessee to be member! If you live outside the state of Tennessee, we welcome you as a member, too! Although you will not be assigned a chapter within the state, you will receive discounts, connections and opportunities to grow professionally.
  • If you are a nonprofit organization whose mission overlaps ours, please contact us at to find out if you qualify for a free “green” membership.

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organization (e.g. gallery,
artist co-op, supplier)

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