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MAAP Testimonials

MAAP Testimonials


“This is an amazing opportunity and I am forever grateful. I can’t put into words or separate my desire to be a glass blower. I am in the studio every day. I spend more time thinking about and working with glass than anything else in my life.”                                       ~ Apprentice James (J.T.) DePuy

“MAAP has been a window into the inner-workings of a master’s studio and my craft has benefited immensely from this time.” ~ Apprentice Joshua Houben

“The MAAP Apprenticeship program was a wonderful experience and pivotal moment in my growth as an artist.  The guidance and mentorship I received will always be a building block in my journey as an artist.” ~ Apprentice Courtney Adair Johnson

“Although I am the same artist with the same ideas, I feel my approach to making the ideas happen has been restructured slightly.”                                                     ~ Apprentice Eleanor (Ellie) Richards

“I found the MAAP apprenticeship very successful for me.  I was able to learn countless concepts from Alan LeQuire that will serve me for the rest of my life. I now comprehend the underlying structure of the body. From the overall form and its appearance at different angles, to the flow and movement of creases and wrinkles to direct the viewer’s eyes to different parts of the piece, my eyes have been opened to how a sculpture should flow.”        ~ Apprentice Jeff Slobey

“Bob trained me in the basics of traditional bookbinding, focusing on structure and technique with particular attention to historical methods involving leather and wooden boards. I also learned new ways to work simply by watching Bob’s movements. I’ve learned a lot about how to handle clients and how to stand by your estimates on commissioned work. I’ve learned a lot about pricing and how to decide what your time is worth.  I’ve learned about professionalism and the importance of talking with other artists and listening to their advice. I’ve even learned a thing or two about balancing home life and work life especially when your home is where you work. Bob was a generous teacher and I will always remember this as a great experience.”                                                      ~ Apprentice Jennifer Knowles-McQuistion

“It was very successful. Before I started this project I had absolutely no idea how a large scale sculpture was made. Now, I not only know how the process works, but I have made a 14 foot outdoor sculpture.”  ~ Apprentice Michael Wimmer

“The mentorship was a success.  The techniques I learned brought a maturity to my work that wasn’t there before. My skill level has increased to a level that has given me confidence and I will be able to apply to craft shows, competitions, and guilds.  I can see my work moving beyond my local market.” ~ Apprentice Marian Heintz

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