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50 Years of Craft

50 Years of Craft

Do you have a craft story?

50 Years of Craft was created as a place where people come and share their stories and experiences with craft. In honor of our 50th Anniversary, we’ll weave together a history of Tennessee Craft (formerly known as TACA – the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists). Our hope is that 50 Years of Craft will help build community, encourage positive connections and honor craft tradition in a new way.

Anyone can join in! Your story doesn’t have to be about Tennessee Craft, but most of the questions will be craft-centered.

*One Note*
You may chose to post either as a guest, or to create a profile. If you post as a guest, all of your stories will have to be approved by a moderator (no robots allowed) and they will not be associated with your name. If you create a profile, after you’re approved the first time, you’ll be able to post freely and your name will be associated with your stories.  We do ask that you please keep posts friendly and positive – the point is not to tear anyone down but to build everyone up.

Let’s start sharing!

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Submitted Stories

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Happy to be a part of 50 years

Moving to Nashville in 1988 and finding a high-quality craft fair was a must for me. I had lived in Austin, TX, attended Laguna Gloria Art Festival and had great memories. Finding Tennessee Craft Fairs gave me the experience that I loved as I walked around soaking up the creativity expressed through crafts and meeting […]


Making Paper Fans

This may be my first craft experience. We were always coloring and often layered crayons onto paper and creating patterns, scratching through. Then one day we accordion-folded them and added a bobby pin so we could use them as fans. Then we had the bright idea of selling them for a nickel to our neighbors, […]


…It Nearly Rained Away the Craft Fair

May 2009 – wow, that was a LOT of rain! I’m pretty sure I saw somebody with a boat…of course the result of the rain and the people was mud!


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