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The Marketplace at the Tennessee Fall Homecoming

In keeping with the Museum’s mission, traditional artisans and old-time craftsmen may be seen demonstrating historical Appalachian crafts and skills, using old-time tools and in some cases, actual museum facilities; the old sorghum mill grinds away, lye soap boils in a big kettle over a large fire, the historic sawmill is run by a 1900’s tractor and cedar rails are hand-split for use around the Museum grounds.

Event Date:
October 7th, 2016 through October 9th, 2016

Event Time / Hours Details:
9am - 5pm

Venue / Location Details:
2819 Andersonville Highway
Clinton, Tennessee 37716
Museum of Appalachia

Event Details:

Craftsmanship that is now considered an art form, was originally fashioned out of someone’s sense of need. The simple Appalachian folk had to make do, and from their humble beginnings, they were able to develop some truly artistic techniques. At the Marketplace authentic mountain artisans still demonstrate these crafts and may be found, working at ease in the bucolic setting, seated in and around the Museum’s early log cabins, or under the quaint, tin roofed sheds, specifically built for the Homecoming.

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