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Tennessee Craft Week Honorary Chairs

Tennessee Craft Week Honorary Chairs

Thank you to our Honorary Tennessee Craft Week Chairs



Craig Morgan: 2019


“I enjoy the process of creating art from a blank piece of wood in the same way I enjoy creating a song from simple words. I’m humbled to be the honorary chair of Tennessee Craft Week and hope everyone enjoyed the artistic expressions of all the artists in Tennessee.”—Craig Morgan


Demetria Kalodimos: 2018


“The Tennessee Craft tradition is evolving with artists using contemporary resources, up cycling found objects, advancing traditional processes, and creating fresh ways to handle raw materials. Tennessee Craft Week honors and recognizes the abundance of talented artisans who create handmade craft work.”—Demetria Kalodimos


Tanya Tucker: 2017


“I am so pleased to be involved with Tennessee Craft and support the work they do – training, nurturing and building the reputation of craft artists. Tennessee is my home – there is such a creative spirit about the people here! The rich tradition of music, arts, and fine handmade craft attracts more national attention each year and continues to build the reputation of local artists.” —Tanya Tucker



Gene Johnson, Diamond Rio: 2016


“I was attending college to become a teacher (woodworking of course) when I got a call to play with a professional recording band. Music won out, but my love for woodworking, turning, and furniture has remained a passionate part of my life.” —Gene Johnson




Tennessee First Lady Crissy Haslam: 2015

“Tennessee has a rich craft history that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Handmade traditions can be lost if they are not appreciated.” —Crissy Haslam



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