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Meet Committee Chair: Kimberly Winkle

Meet Committee Chair: Kimberly Winkle

With the new year came new leadership in the committees of Tennessee Craft. For the next few weeks we’ll be spotlighting these volunteer leaders as a small thank you for all they do for us.

Our second installment of this series features Kimberly Winkle, our new chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Why is it important for you to be involved with Tennessee Craft?

It is important for me to be involved in TN Craft because we share similar values and I feel strongly about the mission of the organization. I want to be a part of the growth and success of the organization through my heartfelt contributions and efforts. Additionally, it is populated by an incredibly talented, giving and friendly group of people.

What made you decide to take a leadership position this year?

I felt comfortable taking on a leadership position this year because the committee that I am chairing, the fundraising committee, is brand new and is wildly important. Therefore, I was excited about forming the committee and jump-starting our fundraising efforts so that we can gain stability and momentum in this area.


What are you most excited about accomplishing?

I am most excited about building board awareness about fundraising. Any organization can benefit by having a board that is excited and willing to help in the fundraising arena. I think that collectively we can make a positive difference.


What is your craft / how did you start?

I am woodworker and I started this craft 15 years ago as a student at San DiegoStateUniversity. Prior to that, I worked in clay.

What do you find beneficial / rewarding about showing at the Fairs?

I don’t show at the fairs but I think that those who do gain a lot visibility and become part of a wonderful community of makers.

My favorite part of attending the fairs is seeing the amazing artwork being created and also seeing many familiar faces who all are appreciators, supporters, advocates or makers of fine craft.

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