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Cheekwood in Bloom: Melodie Grace

Cheekwood in Bloom: Melodie Grace

Saturday April 26, Cheekwood in Bloom will be having a Tennessee Craft Day, where four of Tennessee Craft’s artists will be demonstrating their work and helping us achieve our mission of teaching the public about craft. Taking place the week before our spring Craft Fair, this exhibit will also give exposure to Tennessee Craft, our fairs, and the artists who are participating.

In anticipation of this event, we will be spotlighting the artists who will be demonstrating at Cheekwood in Bloom.

Our third artist profile is on Melodie Grace.

What is your craft?

I work with clay.

How did you get started? 

I’ve had a love of clay since childhood.  After a decade in corporate sales, I decided to pursue life as a full time artist.

melodie 1

What is your inspiration for your work?

I’m inspired by the beauty of nature.

Why have you decided to demonstrate at Cheekwood in Bloom?

Cheekwood holds a special place in my heart.  It’s where I took pottery classes when I first moved to Nashville.  This event is a combination of some of my favorite things: art, community, and a welcome to spring, surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens. YES!

melodie 3

What do you find most rewarding about demonstrating your craft for the public?

It’s fun to get to talk with people face to face about something I’m passionate about- ART!

What do you hope to accomplish through your demonstrations? 

I hope to expose folks to the possibilities of clay and inspire others to explore their personal artistic interests.

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