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Co-Working, Community and Coffee

Co-Working, Community and Coffee


Co-working spaces, a growing trend amongst non-traditional workers, are popping up everywhere. With promises of free coffee and Internet, most people are probably ready to bolt

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out of their stiff, metal chairs and confined white walls to opt for one of these more creative spaces. 

  While sitting on exercise balls or perfectly worn-in couches from 9-5 sounds ideal to most everyone, craft artists can especially benefit from co-working spaces. One particular space in Nashville is gearing its focus towards creative artists. The Skillery provides a more comfortable place to network (an alternative to a messy apartment or a workroom cluttered with tools and supplies) and focus on the business side of artists’ work while fostering a community of creative entrepreneurs.

Though placed in an older part of town, the rectangular brick building visually joins the construction site to one side and the rows of quaint houses to the other. From the second you open the door, a minimalistic yet spacious room welcomes you. The community tables, potted plants lining the center, further the sense of community of the space. A coffee bar outlined in weathered wood emphasizes the comfortable feeling. Small groups of people occupy the window-seat bench, conversing and drinking coffee. The relaxed vibe that fills the front of the building is perfect for meetings, as well as fostering creative thoughts.

The reserved front of The Skillery funnels through to a larger, more open room in the back. Less tables and chairs, more working spaces and tangible aspects.  The atmosphere is louder. Sounds of hammering mix with enthusiastic members shouting their ideas, hands and markers go flying at the white boards. The space also has conference rooms, but the main focus is on collaboration and fostering a community of creative entrepreneurs.

Not only does The Skillery place an emphasis on community, it provides its members with unique learning opportunities, too. They offer classes ranging from Intro to Modern Calligraphy to techniques on navigating new technologies like Apps and SquareSpace. Some of the events take a more lecture-type approach. Different startup experts, successful entrepreneurs as well as some of their own members fill events that sell out quickly. With the wide range of classes, The Skillery promotes knowledge and learning in just about any topic anyone could ever want. Check out their event calendar here!

With creative co-working spaces like The Skillery providing new options for craft artists to further their businesses, work on their craft, and gather input from peers, it is easy to see a shift in the craft business. A new sense of community amongst artists is emerging thanks to these spaces and with it brings support of the field.

For more information about The Skillery visit them at

Here’s a look at some of the co-working spaces popping up all over the country:

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