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Must-Have Apps for Tech Savvy Craft Artists

Must-Have Apps for Tech Savvy Craft Artists

In the age of the ‘I’ve got an app for that!” response, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of phone applications out there. Apps for cooking, shopping, learning graze the screens of our iTunes stores daily. But after sifting through the Black Hole of apps, we’ve found some that can help with all aspects of craft. With these apps you’ll be able to enhance any aspect of your craft, from business specifics to the fundamentals of creating, all without leaving your workspace.


Craft Gawker

 craft gawker

Why it’s great: This app takes on the format of Pinterst, great for dull moments waiting in line or at the doctor’s office. The high-quality pictures provide great inspiration and thae app’s ability to sort by ‘latest’ and ‘popular’ will keep you up on buyer’s trends.

Available: iPhone, Andriod

Cost: Free


Sketch Pad 3

 sketch pad 3

Why it’s great: Ever have those light bulb moments of great ideas or inspiration and desperately grasp for a pen and paper to jot down your next big idea? Next time try this app. With unlimited amounts of paper and different options like graph paper or lined paper, Sketch Pad 3 allows you to write, draw, or sketch your thoughts quickly. You can also share your doodles with friends. And with organization folders, you can finally eliminate all those random napkins and receipts with ideas on them!

Available: iPhone

Price: Free


Design Toolkit for Small Business

design toolkit

Why it’s great: We all know the marketing and business side of craft can be daunting for many of us. However, it’s a crucial part of the business and a great way to represent the quality of your product. With this app, you’ll be able to take a crash course in business with small tutorials on topics like website management, budget and branding.

Available: iPhone and iPad

Price: Free



artsy app

Why it’s great: Keeping up with the trends in craft is not only interesting, but it allows us to see where the world of craft is heading. With this app you can explore galleries, art shows and individual works from around the world. Search back to some of the classic works, or look at the pieces that are popular today. You can even zoom in and see some of the actual brushstrokes in high quality! This app fosters the craft community by giving users a place to keep up with new artists and share and buy works.

Available: iPhone

Price: Free




Why it’s great: Forgetting a ruler or level can be a crucial misstep when you’re in the flow of creating. With this app, you’ll have seven tools all at your disposal by simply opening the program. The app comes with a level and a rule, but it also has a flashlight and an spirit level for those tricky angles.

Available: Android and iPhone

Price: Free (The $1.99 version comes with a protractor and ruler sliders!).


Be sure to share your favorite apps with us in the comments section below!

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