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Possibilities with Pinterest: Self-Promotion made easy

Possibilities with Pinterest: Self-Promotion made easy

The amount of new social media sites popping up lately can seem overwhelming to say the least. However, outlets like Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest can serve as great marketing tools for your craft. With just a few days remaining before the 43rd Annual Tennessee Craft Fair, we share these simple steps to mastering some last minute self-promotion and getting buyers excited to visit your tent. With the addition of a business Pinterest account, you can utilize multiple social media sites at once, provide the public with visuals of your work, and ultimately make marketing your craft fun and simple. Just follow these few simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to easy, self-promotion!

1. Select Type of Account

The first step, and main goal of creating a Pinterest page, is to allow people to find your page, craft, and other links with ease. Categorizing your Pinterest page gives customers and web-surfers alike an easy way to locate your craft.

Advice: Most craft artists select the ‘Professional’ profile; it encompasses a wide variety of similar artists’ pages. Selecting the correct type of account takes a lot of the work that comes along with self-promoting off of you while also creating a simple path for potential customers to locate your page.


2. It’s All About Variety

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Etsy, let’s face it, the amount of social media sites self-promoting artists are expected to join is certainly overwhelming. But with the addition of a simple, concise, Pinterest page, each of these separate accounts can be linked to the business page.

Advice: If you don’t have other social media accounts, consider creating a few. Not only will it provide you with more material to link to your Pinterest account, but it’s another easy way to promote your art via multiple forums.  You can play each of your social media accounts off of each other by referring followers and friends to your Pinterest page, or posting links from there to Twitter or Facebook. When used together, social media sites can complement each other and, ultimately, take some of the work off of you.


3. Words, Words, Words

Specificity is key. Though it’s likely difficult to come up with just the right word to describe your craft and vision, it makes a huge difference in the marketing of your product. Pinterest will give you multiple opportunities to choose ‘tag words’, descriptions and titles, and the accuracy of these words will help drive traffic into your site.


Advice: Keep titles short, but concise and use accurate, lively words to describe your business. With the addition of a brief description, and brief tag words, your Pinterest business page will be easily detectable by those who want to seek out your craft, as well as web-surfers looking to stumble upon something wonderful.


With these simple steps, your business’s online presence will reflect your own vision while making the daunting task of self-promotion easier!

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