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Announcing our 2013-2014 Bridge Scholarship Winner: Adam Kirby

Announcing our 2013-2014 Bridge Scholarship Winner: Adam Kirby

The Tennessee Craft Bridge Scholarship is an opportunity for college students to show and sell work in an exhibit at the 36th Annual Tennessee Craft Fall Craft Fair in September 2014.

At the Fair, participants will gain first-hand experience and insight in the process of setting up a booth: from packing and moving their craft to marketing and interacting with potential customers.

By creating this scholarship, Tennessee Craft hopes to recognize emerging talent in Tennessee.

The scholarship awards cash to students to offset costs of traveling to and exhibiting in the 2014 Fall Craft Fair, provides opportunity to be mentored by experienced and successful craft artists, allows students to sell in high-end commercial environment, inspires the next generation of artists, and invigorates Tennessee’s Craft community.

fired clay2

This year’s Tennessee Craft Bridge Scholarship Winner is University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student Adam Kirby. Kirby’s work, “Fired Clay” is clay sculpture that incorporates moments of impact into each piece—quite literally. The clay, at various moments of the drying process, is shot with different caliber bullets at a variety of distances. The clay, which alters in shape to reflect the ballistics of the bullet, is then bisque fired.

fired clay

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