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First Experience as a Booth Sitter

First Experience as a Booth Sitter

A long time ago, in the Spring of 2014, I was recruited by the great Sallie Mayne to be a booth sitter for the Tennessee Craft Fair. I had never visited the fair before, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. And boy was I in for a treat! When I got there, I sauntered through, finding my way to the volunteer check-in. “It’s the big tent near the entrance” they said. “You can’t miss it” they said. Well, they were right, and I soon found the tent.
When I got to the tent, I signed in, said a few “nice to meet you’s,” and was soon on my way to rescue some artists and artisans from extended confinements to their booths. My receptions ranged from “No, but thanks for asking” to “Thank you so much! I’m starving and haven’t been able to get any food yet.” They were all incredibly friendly. Then, while they were away tending to their needs, I had a chance to watch their booth and see all of their works. There is so much cool stuff there. If all you do is pop into booths for a minute and glance at their wares, you are missing out. Watching the booth for 10 minutes or so allowed me to spend more time there and see the more intricate pieces that they brought. I was able to take time to see their works and process them, rather than just spend the 30 seconds perusing the entire booth that I would have spent if I had just been visiting. Also, while the artists were out, I had a chance to talk to whomever came in to see. This was cool because I wasn’t there to sell them anything, merely there to watch over the booth. So, I was able to speak to them as a mutual admirer. It was just a really cool experience.
I enjoyed the TN Craft Fair so much, that after my shifts the first day (I think I did 2, but it’s a little hazy) I came back and helped out as much as I was able that fair and the next! Each time I came back, it was just as great of an experience of a time with one exception: I had now already met most of the staff and many of the volunteers. So, like fine wine, each additional fair coming back just gets better and better. I can only imagine that for many of the old timers who have been coming for years, coming to the fair is like going to a reunion where you get to see all of your old pals, cracking jokes and making memories over pottery and paintings. Hopefully, someday, I’ll get there!

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One Response to “First Experience as a Booth Sitter”

  1. Teri Alea Says:

    We love Caleb! And he does crack jokes – real wise guy. But ask him to do anything and he’s there. Thank you again C.

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