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Handmade Here: A Tennessee Craft Chapter Exhibition Awards

Handmade Here: A Tennessee Craft Chapter Exhibition Awards

Tennessee-based craft artists came together to create an impressive lineup of uniquely beautiful pieces for Tennessee Craft’s “Handmade Here: A Tennessee Craft Chapter Exhibition”. The search for artists, all who call Tennessee home, brought a wide variety of craft categories including wood, clay, jewelry, and metal to the table. While the competition represented members of multiple Tennessee Craft chapters including the Southeast, East, and Northeast, the winners were split between the East and Northeast chapters. Tennessee Craft would like to congratulate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as an honorable mention.

First place winner, Clifford Busey, not only builds beautifully functional furniture, but he also uses ‘green’ construction methods in his craft. By using a combination of solid and furniture grade woods, as well as veneers, Busey is able to create a unique craft while not endangering his medium. A member of the East chapter, Busey builds some of his tools including a homemade vacuum press, which he uses to bond components. His winning piece, Wedding Chest (pictured above), showcases these methods with a striking combination of natural wood and vibrant color that add to the precisely constructed chest.


Michael Robison, second place winner, uses a combination of distinctive glazes, patterns and beautifully crafted pottery in his piece Lidded Jar. Robison, a Tennessee Craft East member, creates these functional and decorative pieces by using sgraffito techniques and hand-carving. The intricate designs, which are a product of these techniques, are showcased in his winning piece.


( Lidded Jar by C. Michael Robison)

Anne Reid, a Northeast member, won third place with her handbuilt coil bowl. Rather than sticking to a single technique, Reid combines slabs, coils, and hump molds to create her pots. By using different items, Reid is able to create unique textures and impressions. To give her work the reddish, earthy tone showcased in her winning piece, Reid applies shino or temmoku glazes to create an iron oxide stain.

Anne Reid 2 C

(Coiled jar by Anne Reid)

Another Tennessee Craft East member claimed honorable mention with her woodwork piece, Blooms. Arlene Sprague uses a process called intarsia to create her visually mesmerizing wood pieces. During the process, Sprague goes through a series of steps including choosing pieces of wood specifically for their color and grain and cutting these pieces into a pattern. The end of the process includes putting together the pieces and applying a finish. In Blooms, each of these steps comes together to create a realistic vision of a flower.


(Blooms by Arlene Sprague)

Congratulations to all artists who entered and we look forward to seeing your entries next year! Until then, the “Handmade Here: A Tennessee Craft Chapter Exhibition” will beat the Emporium Center for Arts & Culture in Knoxville, TN from March 1-30, 2014.


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