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Happy to be a part of 50 years

Happy to be a part of 50 years

Moving to Nashville in 1988 and finding a high-quality craft fair was a must for me. I had lived in Austin, TX, attended Laguna Gloria Art Festival and had great memories. Finding Tennessee Craft Fairs gave me the experience that I loved as I walked around soaking up the creativity expressed through crafts and meeting the artists. I always purchased at least one, and usually more, craft piece directly from the artist because we all know every art piece has a story and I got to meet the artist I was supporting. I love those memories every time I look at, wear or use the piece. As time went on, I eventually volunteered to booth sit for the artists – the perfect opportunity for me to make a connection and spend quality time in an artist’s booth. After booth sitting, I knew I could help by developing a system from the experience of doing it myself and now I am coordinating all the booth sitters at each fair with the stipulation that I could still booth sit. Today, Tennessee Craft Fairs are thriving and still a Nashville tradition, celebrating 50 years and I am so happy to be a part of it!

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One Response to “Happy to be a part of 50 years”

  1. Teri Alea Says:

    i recognize these artists’s work! And your care about the story of the artist, how they found their way to their craft and their stumbling blocks, really DOES enhance our appreciation of their work, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for your work helping at the fairs Sallie!

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